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  Albrecht Duerer (rijo-tv)
  Albrecht Duerer in Nuremberg - History, Images and Salesmanship
  English traces in Nuremberg - the grave of Frances Eliza Gipson (1846 - 1913) - (teribloG)
  History of the hops trade in Nuremberg



  Special Groups
  Personal Recollections
  Edited Sources  
  The Kolb Family by Herbert Kolb



  Nuremberg 1927 - Tourism and Nazism
  Nuremberg's Police Commissioner SS General Benno Martin: A case in point of German legal and historical shortcomings after 1945
  Making up history: Erik Larson's book In the Garden of Beasts
  The Press and the Power: The Hearsts 1934 at the Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg
  Days of disgrace: Kristallnacht in the northern quarter of Nuremberg
  A journey to death: the deportation of November 1941 from Nuremberg to Riga-Jungfernhof



  Allied soldiers and resistance fighters from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area during WW2
  Stories of Allied Soldiers from Nuremberg-Fuerth: Stephen S. Mosbacher (1923 - K.I.A. 1945)
  Stories of Allied Soldiers from Nuremberg-Fürth: Henry Schueftan (born 1914)
  The Nuremberg POW camps 1939 - 1945
  An American POW 1945 in Hammelburg and Nuremberg
  Soviet Prisoners of War 1942 - 1945 in Nuremberg: An Eyewitness Report
  Forced labor in Nuremberg - Facts instead of denial
  Nuremberg firms employing forced laborers 1939 - 1945
  Nuremberg firms contributing to the compensatory foundation of the German economy
  I had never heard of Nuremberg before. Female concentration camp prisoners from Auschwitz at the Siemens-Schuckert plant
  One Left, Just One: A Child's Point of View of the Holocaust, by Margaret Marketa Novak
  Magda Watts: Imagination and creativity as weapons against the terrors of the Holocaust
  Feodosija Miheevna Rigaeva (Ukrainian forced laborer): Two Letters from the Ukraine
  The Memorial for Forced Laborers TRANSIT in Nuremberg: A Documentation





  A Farewell to Arms: The Nuremberg U.S. Military Community 1945 - 1995 - Our book transit nuernberg #4: USA!
  America House Nuremberg - Northern Bavaria's direct line to the United States
  Chiseling off history. How testimonies of the recent past are dealt with in Nuremberg
  Comeback to Nuremberg: Prof. Raymond M. Weinstein 1960 / 2010
  Directory of the Nuremberg Military Tribunals' Personnel in January 1948
  Displaced Persons in Nuremberg since May 1945 (teribloG)
  Former Merrell Barracks and the surrounding area today
  Judgment at Nuremberg or when the Eskimos took over Germany in 1933
  Merrell veteran Tom Spahr in Nuremberg 2010 (teribloG)
  Neil Gregor: When the Nazis returned to Nuremberg: The Party Rally Grounds and the NPD in the 1960s
  Nuremberg & Graf - almost 40 years later
  Opening of the Memorial Nuremberg Trials in November 2010 (teribloG)
  Prof. Dr. Kurt E. Shuler: Forgetful Remembrance: Compromised Chemists at the Renaming Ceremony of the Richard Willstaetter Gymnasium 1965 in Nuremberg
  Soldiers as Educators? The GYA: Army Assistance to German Youth Activities in Nuremberg by Harald T. Leder, Ph. D.
  Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and their predecessors from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area
  The Lessons of Nuremberg
  transit nuernberg #4 author & Merrell veteran Jake Jacobson back in town 2011 (teribloG)
  Writings on the wall - Graffiti of Allied military personnel at the Nuremberg Nazi rally grounds (teribloG)
  USA & Nuremberg (testimon publishers at YouTube)




  Coping with a bulky heritage: The Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg and the Documentation Center



  It is always going up and down: To Margot Astruck at her 90th birthday
  Dedication of the memorial plaque for the 3rd Infantry Division on May 31, 2011, in Nuremberg
  English guided tour about the American presence in Nuremberg since 1945 with Dr. Harald T. Leder, July 2011 (teribloG)
  Herbert Kolb in Nuremberg (Oct. 2013)
  Recommendable hotels within or near Nuremberg's Old City
  Susanne goes Shopping
  Letters for Stephen S. Mosbacher



  Smile with Albrecht Duerer



  JewishGen: Introduction to the List of Nuremberg's Victims of Shoah by Gerhard Jochem
  JewishGen: List of Nuremberg's Victims of Shoah
  The Second Generation Group from Nuremberg: Website created for the children (grandchildren and great-grandchildren) of Jewish Holocaust Survivors who used to live in Nuremberg and Fuerth
  STALAG LUFT XIII D - The stories of captured U.S. airmen, prepared by B24.NET
  U.S. Army in Germany: Nuremberg