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  Herbert R. Jacobson: Migration in the U.S. and Europe - Parallels, differences and the legend of the frontier
  Herbert E. Bolton: The Spanish Borderlands (in Northern America) - book recommendation



  1946 - 2009: Palestine / Israel, USA by Susi Friedmann, nee Kirsch (born 1926 in Vienna)
  Emails from Israel 2012
  Honeymoon in Palestine 1933 by Philip S. White
  Israel's 60th Birthday by Inge Sadan
  Lady Liberty is of German-Jewish origins (teribloG)
  Michael Bernet: The Time of the Burning Sun. Six Days of War, Twelve Weeks of Hope (teribloG)
  Our chicken farm. The lives of Bernhard and Reta Kolb after their emigration to the U.S. by Herbert Kolb
  The Nuremberg-Fuerth Hall of Fame
  The Life of Sigmund Seligsberger (1863 - 1949): from Franconia to the U.S.
  U.S. Presidential Jewish Firsts



  Allied soldiers and resistance fighters from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area during WW2
  Making up history: Erik Larson's book In the Garden of Beasts
  Regards, RK: A former forced labourer's point of view
  The warfare of black humor: anti-Nazi cartoons from the 1930s and 1940s
  Victorious! The Allies in WW2 (testimon publishers at YouTube)



  1968 (rijo-tv)
  56 years before 9/11: A plane crash into Empire State Building
  "Don't worry. You'll get along:" Quotes from Draftee's Confidential Guide, 1966 edition
  Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and their predecessors from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area



  Abraham Lincoln 1809 - 2009 (rijo-tv)
  Classic Works by G+M Design Consultancy, New York City
  Continental Drift: The West Divided (teribloG)
  Ludwig C Berlin: A Reply to The success of the sub-humans
  Poems & Pictures by Maris B. Mohr
  Prof. Emeritus Kurt E. Shuler: The success of the sub-humans and global racism and discrimination today
  Reasons to ruminate
  Regina Cornelsen Francois: My Life - so far
  rijo's English Play List - Happy songs for the entire family
  Sorry, poor Libyans! Or a new era of German foreign policy has emerged (teribloG)
  Ten years after September 11, 2001: A survey among U.S. citizens about the consequences
  Tony Platt: Racism remembered and forgotten: From Nuremberg to California
  Zoom Golly's Let My People Go-Go: Funky Jew-boy with a mission



  At last: A cure for ignorance from India (teribloG)
  How to forfeit the sympathies of the believers in the major world denominations
  Captain Spaulding on Africa
  Congrats on Super Bowl XLVIII! (2014)
  Laughing Stock 1
  Laughing Stock 2
  Manny® asking stupid questions
  Manny® - The one and only Nuremberg polar bear cub!
  Manny® - You can steal our idea, but not his charisma!
  Manny®'s Grandpa: The Story of Nazi Bear (rijo-comics)
  Manny®'s Grandpa Nazi Bear: The Short Film (rijo-tv)
  Passion at Moonlight (rijo-tv)
  Sabotage by Information (rijo-tv)
  The Meltdown (rijo-tv)
  The State of the Nations (rijo-comics)
  The Visit of the Invisible Alien Superwoman (rijo-tv)



  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington, D.C.
  The Freedom Archives: 10,000 hours of audio and video recordings documenting social justice movements in the USA and internationally from the 1960s to the present, e.g. The Black Panther Party
Jewish History
  Aufbau Indexing Project: Biographical information from the most important German-Jewish immigrant newspaper in the USA
  Center for Jewish History (Leo Baeck Institute, YIVO Institute, the American Jewish Historical Society) New York City
  DigiBaeck: The archival collections of New York's Leo Baeck Institute inline
  JewishGen, Inc.: Largest network of resources for Jewish genealogical research worldwide
  Jewish Military Casualties in the Polish Armies in World War II
  The Onion: America's Finest News Source

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