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  Links and Addresses for Jewish History in Bavaria
  Chronology of the History of the Jews in Bavaria 906 - 1945
  The Edict of June 10, 1813 Regarding the Status of Persons of Jewish Faith in the Kingdom of Bavaria
  The Nuremberg-Fuerth Hall of Fame
  Cham (Upper Palatine)
  The destruction of the synagogue and the Jewish community in Forchheim, Upper Franconia (Bavaria, Germany) by Ludwig Bauer, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus
  Places of Jewish Life in the District of Fuerth
  Funerals and graves at the Jewish cemetery in Ermershausen (Lower Franconia)
  Thoughts on the cradle of Hebrew printing in Bavaria
  The Hebrew Printers of Sulzbach in Upper Palatine
  The Kupfer & Glaser glass dynasty and the Frankenreuth glass foundry by Dr. Michael Mueller
  The Life of Sigmund Seligsberger (1863 - 1949): from Franconia to the U.S.
  The Exclusion of Jewish Lawyers in Bavaria in December 1938
  Genealogical Research by David B. Marblestone
  Neumarkt - Fuerth - Riga - USA (by Ernest Haas)
  A Letter to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum by Ernest Haas
  Prof. Ludwig Bauer: Our visits to Germany in 1987 & 1998 (Wuerzburg, Wiesenfeld, Thuengen, Forchheim, Ottensoos, Nuremberg, Munich)
  Destroyed Lives Cannot Be Resuscitated - The Rindsbergs of Mainstockheim (by Walter Reed)



  Instruction of the Gestapo for the first deportation of Franconian Jews on November 29, 1941 to Riga-Jungfernhof (Latvia), translated by Willie Glaser
  The German Adressbuch 1942: Bavaria



  2710 former Ostarbeiter are waiting for compensation (list of names)
  Allied soldiers and resistance fighters from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area during WW2
  Stories of Allied Soldiers from Nuremberg-Fuerth: Stephen S. Mosbacher (1923 - K.I.A. 1945)
  Stories of Allied Soldiers from Nuremberg-Fuerth: Henry Schueftan (born 1914)
  An American POW 1945 in Hammelburg and Nuremberg



  America House Nuremberg - Northern Bavaria's direct line to the United States
  Switch to freedom: A hijacked train dashing through the Czech-German border in 1951
  Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and their predecessors from the Nuremberg-Fuerth area
  Nuremberg & Graf - almost 40 years later



  Stalag VII A Moosburg: informative site about this Bavarian POW camp in German, English, French and Russian