Index "Our Family" by Heinz and Thea Ruth Skyte

0) Introduction

1) The Scheidts, Kuhns and Sterns of Mainstockheim
  Introduction and Acknowledgements, Abbreviation of sources
  The Scheidts
  The Jewish Cemetery in Roedelsee
  The Kuhns of Mainstockheim pre 1745 - 1900
  The Sterns of Mainstockheim

2) The Sahlmanns and Rosenblatts of Burghaslach
  Introduction and Acknowledgements, Abbreviation of sources
  Grafschaft Castell
  The Sahlmanns in Fuerth approx. since 1850
  The Rosenblatts of Burghaslach
  The Sturms of Burghaslach ca. 1750 - 1939
  The Mainzers of Gaukoenigshofen 1800 - 1930
  The Laubheims of Bibergau 1700 - 1930
  The Guckenheimer Family of Burghaslach
  Burghaslach Victims of the Holocaust

3) The Gutmanns and Schloss’ of Sugenheim, recently updated and expanded to: The Jewish Community of Sugenheim
  Introduction and Acknowledgements, Abbreviations of Sources
  Short history of Sugenheim / The Jewish Community of Sugenheim
  The Isaac of Sugenheim Dynasty
  The Isaac Druetinger and Kallmann Dynasty
  Other Sugenheim Families (Brader, Edelstein, Friedmann, Kannreuther, Walter, Weissmann)
  Sugenheim revisited 1998
  Sugenheim Victims of the Holocaust
  The Schloss' in Fuerth
  The Gutmanns in Fuerth
  The Firm Forchheimer and Schloss in Fuerth
    Adopted Family Names
    The Kahlsbuch of Sugenheim (German)
    The Kahlsbuch of Sugenheim (Translation)
    The Lease of the "Meiereihof" (German)
    The Lease of the "Meiereihof" (Translation)

4) The Jewish Community of Baiersdorf
  Introduction and Acknowledgements
  The History of the Jews in Baiersdorf
  The Aubs of Baiersdorf
  The Dormitzers of Lenkersheim and Baiersdorf
  Other Baiersdorf Families

5) The Ephraims, Levys and Alterthums of Province Posen and Berlin and the Koenigs of East Prussia and Berlin
The Prussian Province of Poznan (Posen) and its Jews
The Ephraims of Neustadt bei Pinne
Thea's story
The Levys of Birnbaum an der Warthe
The Alterthums of Schwerin an der Warthe
The Koenig family